About Us

You might have come across some of our videos on YouTube or perhaps this might be your first time visiting this site. Regardless, given the plethora of financial sites in Singapore, we believe it is important to provide a brief overview of who we are and share our motivations for starting this site.

Who are we

We are just two everyday Singaporeans in their 30s with an interest in personal finance and investing. If you are wondering how we met, we were classmates from the same university course and eventually became close friends partially due to our similar interests in finance-related stuff!

Having started our financial journeys relatively young (18 years old and 21 years old), we have accumulated years of experience (and lessons) investing in various instruments and products ranging from ETFs, stocks, REITs, bonds and cryptocurrencies. We also have some basic understanding of chart analysis and options trading.

If you are curious, you can also find the wealth journey of one of us on our YouTube channelšŸ˜

Why we started this site & The Life Investors

This site was started as a separate medium for us to share our thoughts and opinions. Having been creating videos on YouTube for more than a year, we realised that there is value in creating written articles too as not everyone will have the patience and commitment to watch finance-related videos.

Furthermore, we also found that some topics are better presented in an article format instead of a video. Thus, with both written articles and videos, we could potentially reach a broader audience and hopefully provide more value.

Fun fact, The Life Investors first started as a blog back in 2019. Having previously shut down the blog in 2021 due to other commitments, you can say we have come full circle (and more) in having both written articles and videos now.

Now you might ask why start another financial site given the many platforms and Finfluencers in the Singapore market. Personally, we believe that there is a gap in more in-depth investment research, especially when it comes to individual market counters. Hence, we hope that with our years of investing experience, we can provide a deeper look into companies beyond just the traditional financial figures.

Also, we feel that there is a lack of a discourse surrounding the term ‘investing’. While many individuals consider the financial aspect of it, many do not think about the mental and physical aspects of it. Hence, we hope that through our work we can inspire more individuals to take a holistic view of investing, not just for wealth but also for health and their lives as a whole.

What you can expect from this site

Most of the articles will be centred around our thoughts and opinions about anything related to personal finance and investing. This includes analysis of individual SG/US/HK stocks and S-REITs, investing guides, reviews of investment products and other personal finance-related stuff (such as credit cards, high-interest accounts etc.).

Besides the ‘boring’ financial stuff, we also plan to put out articles regarding our thoughts about life and finance in general. We hope that such articles will relate to our readers and prompt a deeper thinking about these topics.

In time to come, you might also find articles relating to our travels overseas and some of our future philanthropic initiatives and efforts.

As a whole, we assure you that everything we put out will purely be based on our honest thoughts and opinions and hope that it will ultimately bring value to you.